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Dr. Martin Colledge: Graduate of University College, Salford, UK. in 1985. immigrating to Canada and establishing his clinic in1987. Martin was awarded a MSc. in Podiatric Medicine from Queen Margaret University Edinburgh and has a specialist interest in treating chronic musculoskeletal foot pain, imaging the foot and ankle using high resolution diagnostic ultrasound. His ongoing research utilises 3D ultrasound to evaluate tendon injury and repair.

Chelsea Haas:

Podiatry Assistant



Dr. Michelle McLatchie: Graduate of Queen Margaret University Edinburgh. Michelle immigrated to Canada, joining Dr Colledge in 2012. She shares similar specialist intererest in treatment of musculoskeletal foot and ankle problems and is currently enrolled in the MSc Podiatric Medicine in Edinburgh.

Mychele Gregoire:

Podiatry Assistant.

Corns and callouses do not have roots.They are he effect of skin thickenning in response to abnormal pressure and/or friction.
The average person, engaging in non-strenuous activity, walks approximately 4 miles every day or about 115,000 miles in a lifetime.